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Tice & Associates Inc. is proud to be an Alabama-based business. We have a variety of high quality products to upgrade your utilities. Please learn more about your options below, then give us a call to speak with our helpful sales staff about your company's specific needs.

•  Large power transformers (GSU, autos, shunt and specialty)

•  Gas insulated substations (GIS) 46-550kV

•  Generator power circuit breakers (up to 50kA continuous, 275kA interrupting)

•  Dead tank power circuit breakers (38-550kV)

•  Circuit switchers and live tank power circuit breakers (46-800kV)

•  HV disconnect substation switches (46-800kV)

•  HV instrument transformers (capacitive and inductive VTs, combined units, station, service VTs, inductive and optical CTs from 69kV to 765kV)

•  Air core reactors (multiple applications)

•  HV bushings (25-800kV)

•  Turnkey substation EPC services (PSD Inc.)

•  FACTS / HVDC transmission turnkey projects


Produces substation transformer LTC controls, voltage regulator controls to upgrade or replace most regulator manufacturers. Capacitor controls for both 1 phase and 3 phase automation upgrade applications that can be used for volt / var, time / temperature or auto-adaptive schemes. Asset protection relays for distributive generation, transformers, generators and substation feeder protection.

Instrumentation, control and power cables and connectors for substation Ethernet / communication applications.

Square Square Square Square

Offering identification labels, signs and tags. LEM Products if female-owned.



LED HID induction type lighting. Decorative street light and area lighting styles including post top, pendent and side mount designs with options for decorative steel and aluminum arms and poles.

Providing substation power transformers up to 230kV and 120 MVA as well as mobile transformers.

Stainless cable racks, secondary pedestals, pole riser guards, guy guards, double coil lock washers, galvanized hardware and brackets.

Hardened substation / industrial Ethernet network (managed / unmanaged), terminal servers, integrated routers and copper to fiber media convertor links / repeaters for substation IED equipment.

A leader in active grid infrastructure solutions, enabling utilities to more effectively integrate renewable and distributed generation, increase energy efficiency, manage peak capacity and improve system reliability. The Gridco Systems emPower Solution combines power electronics, advanced controls, distributed networking and power system analytics to deliver an end-to-end hardware and software platform built to solve utilities' current and emerging distribution challenges.

Substation bolted, compression and weldment connectors, tees, couplers and terminations for cable and bus type supports and grounding (including EHV-rated connections).

Power quality and revenue metering and instrumentation for voltage / current / fault measurement, analysis and harmonics data capture. Transducer / meter intergraded equipment for serial to fiber communication applications

Utility and power generation grade stationary battery chargers, inverters, UPSs and DC transfer switches.

High quality pole line hardware, distribution class insulators, porcelain and silicone cutouts and ground rods.

Non-conductive fencing, aluminum and galvanized steel grating, substation ground mats, etc. Power transformer oil containment systems.

Substation-class hookstick and group operated switches up to 69kV.

Battery powered hydraulic cutting and crimping tools.

Hardened industrial grade switches, managed / unmanaged, firewalls, wired / wireless LAN and serial-to-Ethernet converters.

Formed wire products, armor rods, line guards, guy grips, dead-ending grips, etc.

LED roadway and area lighting, LED shoebox, wall pack, barn lights and LED bay lights.

FIAMM Batteries

Substation batteries & battery racks.


Spun concrete, hybrid and tubular steel transmission structures, distribution concrete and tubular steel poles and substation dead-end structures.