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The best options for your Arkansas company

At Tice & Associates Inc., we strive to provide the very best in sales service and products for your company. Our team works throughout Arkansas to provide electrical utility companies state-wide access to trusted industry manufacturers. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and services.

Produces substation transformer LTC controls, voltage regulator controls to upgrade or replace most regulator manufacturers. Capacitor controls for both 1 phase and 3 phase automation upgrade applications that can be used for volt / var, time / temperature or auto-adaptive schemes. Asset protection relays for distributive generation, transformers, generators and substation feeder protection.

Stainless cable racks, secondary pedestals, pole riser guards, guy guards, double coil lock washers, galvanized hardware and brackets.

Substation-class hookstick and group operated switches up to 69kV.

Non-conductive fencing, aluminum and galvanized steel grating, substation ground mats, etc. Power transformer oil containment systems.

Power quality and revenue metering and instrumentation for voltage / current / fault measurement, analysis and harmonics data capture. Transducer / meter intergraded equipment for serial to fiber communication applications.

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Large and medium power transformers.


Substation bolted, compression and weldment connectors, tees, couplers and terminations for cable and bus type supports and grounding (including EHV-rated connections).


Ground Protection products, Access Mats, Outdoor Matting used in Utility applications, Oil & Gas pipeline projects and Power Transmission applications.

The PQsensor™ Broadband Voltage Transducer offers a unique and cost effective method to accurately measure high frequency transients and harmonic content using Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVTs).

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Hydrogen monitoring, engineering support and dissolved gas analysis.